#BSDFutureReady @BeaverAcres_BSD

14 Dec

It is December 14th and I have finally decided it is time to blog about Beaver Acres becoming Future Ready. Why did it take this long? Shouldn’t documenting this journey have been a higher priority?

Yes it should have. But this journey has been a whirl wind ever since Day 1. But that does not excuse a lack of reflection and documentation as the Beaver Acres Future Ready Leadership team leads our students, staff and community into becoming future ready.

This is where I will be posting about what we are doing. Our successes and failures. Pictures, thoughts, quotes and reflections. All of which are my own – nice disclaimer right? -.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can find a nugget in all of the coming craziness.


YUDU Library – Share

10 Mar

YUDU Library – Share.

Nov. 15-19

29 Nov

Shared Lesson Plan for Nov. 15-19 2010.

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Shared lesson plan for Nov. 8-12, 2010

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5 Nov

Oct. 18 – 22

27 Oct

Shared Lesson Plans for Oct. 18-22, 2010

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18 Oct

Shared Lesson Plan for Oct. 11-15